Winter Shipping

I am able to ship to most places all winter long but will hold orders when weather conditions require it.  I need night temperatures around 30 degrees or higher in the areas through which the box will travel and no winter storms or holiday congestion to slow down the process before I feel safe to ship.  This may mean significant delays between the time an order is placed and when it is shipped.  

We use a variety of Styrofoam insulation, bubble wrap and heat packs to make sure your orders arrive safely. There is currently no charge for the extra materials and we keep customer's informed of shipping delays and do not charge credit cards until orders are actually shipped. The satisfaction guarantee covers plants damaged during shipping.

I request customers who wish me to hold order to read the FAQ before asking more questions.

The greenhouse retail hours when you can visit to buy plants are posted on the third column which may mean you have to use your bottom scroll bar to see them.  -->   

This is a one man show.  Order fullfilment, plant selection, packing and shipping is still done by me, alone.  This assures quality at every step of the order process. 

Once you place an order I will contact you within 8 to 12 hours via email or phone.

You are welcome to call 703-771-7753 with questions, however please be prepared to leave a message.  The answering machine will give you current hours if you don't notice them elsewhere on this page.  

You are welcome to bring cameras.  

I do not make physical deliveries for holidays like Mother's day and Valentine's day, etc. 

You are welcome to visit the greenhouse when it is open and pick out your own plants.  There will always be more orchids available in the greenhouse than I will ever find time to add to the catalog.

The newest additions to online catalog

Cyc. barthiorum 'Pink Dove'

DPE3655 2 inch pot


Chiloschista exuperei

DPE3729 4x6 inch tree fern plaque


Chiloschista pusilla

DPE3730 4x6 inch tree fern plaque


Zootrophion endresianum

DPE1722 4x5 inch cork mount


Diaphananthe rutila

DPE0709 4 inch pot


Vanilla aphylla

DPE1198 cork mount, large