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About Us

From Al's desk, Dec 31st 2008:

I thought of calling this essay, "Welcome to My Nightmare"  but that's a cliche, and not really true.  I love my greenhouse.  If it belonged to somebody else and I could come visit whenever I wanted without any "parental" obligations, that would be perfect.  Greenhouse as grandchild.  But, alas, it is mine.  All mine.  And this year the greenhouse has been a particularly difficult...child...  I also considered "Be Careful What You Wish For" as a title.  And even though I DO say this to every visitor who tells me they want a greenhouse just like mine, it really wasn't the best title either.

This "About Us" page has been evolving since the beginning of time and I update and rewrite it every few years as things change.  When I started my website in 1996 the Internet was a new place to do business.  In fact, at that point, it may really have been just a "series of tubes".  A lot has changed.  I also considered the title "A Short Cautionary Tale" not ironically in reference to it's 7 page length, but to allow me to point out that it is mostly photos of my orchid addiction's growth over the intervening years.  So whatever I decide to call it, lets get started....

I have been an orchid addict all my life..., uum, I mean... I have been in business since 1996.

It all started innocently enough. When I was about 13 years old, way back in 1973 my aunt who was visiting from Hawaii brought me an orchid plant which I promptly killed. Had I had any sense the story would have ended there. But I didn't and it doesn't.

By the late 1980s I had amassed several thousand plants before I realized I was in deep trouble. There was no place to sit or sleep in my home.  To care for the collection was costing me a fortune in time and money. All of my friends had drifted away. I slept little. And worse, I always had these little orchid bark splinters in my hands from repotting. It had all become too much. I decided I needed to simplify my life and so I sold or gave away all but about 12 favorite plants which I pretended were regular house plants rather than orchids least I loose my self control. The "O" word was not allowed and people who had known me during the 80s knew not to mention it. Then around 1995 a new friend who recognized the orchids as such gave me a new one as a gift and all hope was lost. I started collecting them again at a furious rate.

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