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You are reading "The Red Tag Journal". Stuff found in this section is NOT FOR SALE. I wanted a place on my website to post pictures and write about my greenhouse or garden, or whatever... If you find it here and you want it then check my Orchid Catalog (use the search box) because THAT is where things for sale will be found. If it here but not in my catalog, I will not respond if you write to ask me how much it costs or when it will be available or if I will sell you a piece or where you can find it.

Snow day pictures from inside my greenhouse

It is really snowing out there right now.

DPE1353 Phal. violacea var. coerulea ‘Nancy’s Gift’

The parents are (‘Sapphire Doll’ AM/AOS x ‘Harvey’)

Water or mite damage on Kohleria leaves?

mite_damageI don’t know yet. I had been working under the assumption that this was water damage and had taken great pains to make sure I did not get any water on the leaves while watering my plants. Yet the damage continued to appear on new leaves and seemed to be spreading to other plants.

A friend was visiting on Saturday and asked me if I would recognize Cyclamen Mite damage and I said I would if I saw it on African violets and then proceeded to describe the obvious crinkled and brittle distorted growth pattern of mite infested african violet leaves and he brought me over to the Kohleria bench and pointed at these leaves and told me this was cyclamen mite damage.

DPE1309 Phal. braceana ‘Dusky Rose’

Kind of different from my other braceana in color and shape. Still, it is labeled as a braceana and since it doesn’t fit clearly into any of the other possibilities AND since I have only seen about half a dozen P braceana up close and personal, I don’t feel qualified to say if is correctly […]

DPE1200 Phal. braceana ‘Brown Dwarf’

A very dark flower on a miniature plant.  The flower has a “meaty” fragrance that reminds me of a meat peptide used in orchid flasking media.  Yummm.

DPE0937 Phal. Distant Star ‘A’

The parents are (Be Glad ‘Powder Puff’ x venosa ‘Summer Time’).  This plant blooms all the time.  It also has one of those traits that people who see it love and judges do not like.  It’s color fades as the flowers age which creates the effect of different colored flowers on the same inflorescence.

DPE0224 Rnthps. Penang Miami

The parents are (Ren Kalsom 4n x Phal. equestris)   I got this plant from Peter Lin at Big Leaf Orchids almost a decade ago.  Alas, it did not survive the fire.

DPE0204 Phal. Fantasy Musick ‘Lemon Lip’

The parents are (Micro Nova x equestris var. alba).  All the other offspring in this grex that I saw bloom had anthocyanin pigments in the lip that masked the yellow.  Not only is ‘Lemon Lip’ missing these pigments it is partially peloric; the yellow from the lip shows up in the petals.

DPE0220 Phal. equestris var. aurea ‘Big Yellow’

DPE0623 Phal. cochlearis ‘Leesburg’

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