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DPE0204 Phal. Fantasy Musick ‘Lemon Lip’

0204llThe parents are (Micro Nova x equestris var. alba).  All the other offspring in this grex that I saw bloom had anthocyanin pigments in the lip that masked the yellow.  Not only is 'Lemon Lip' missing these pigments it is partially peloric; the yellow from the lip shows up in the petals.

3 Responses to “DPE0204 Phal. Fantasy Musick ‘Lemon Lip’”

  • J. Ellner:

    A definite to-have, in my book. Has it thrown any keikis yet? *puppy eyes*

    • Al:

      I don’t think this plant is still in my greenhouse. I think it was lost in the fire several years ago. Fortunately, the offspring made with it using a yellow lip form of equestris look very similar to it and make keikis very easily. Many of the 4″ pot plants of DPE1312 have keikis on them already.

  • brina:


    do you have any Fantasy Musik ‘lemon lip’ for sale

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